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Nicaragua Finca Buena Esperanza Hybrid H1

Finca Buena Esperanza Hybrid H1 photo

Chocolate, vanilla and stone fruit

All coffee and tea are sold in 250g bags
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  • Roast:Medium
  • Region:Matagalpa
  • Variety:Hybrid H1


From the same farm as our 3 Star great Taste Award-winning Pacamara. Grown by Ramiro Ortiz on the beautiful Finca Buena Esperanza which sits in the Matagalpa region of central Nicaragua as part of the Rajuanse Estate. A region that is renowned for quality coffee and agricultural capabilities. The farm has a large diversity of flora and fauna as well as a rich variety of microclimates due to the varied ecosystems that span the land. These include rainforests, valleys, rivers and natural springs which in addition to the warm climate and fertile soils create ideal conditions for coffee growing. Hybrid H1 is a new first generation varietal designed to be resistant to coffee leaf rust, a disease which can be devastating to farmers and their crops. It is also proven to have a high yield and exceptional cup quality potential when grown at high altitudes. Suitable for all brewing methods, this coffee providesa balanced cup with hints of chocolate, vanilla and a pleasing suggestion of stone fruits at the end.