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Papua New Guinea Peaberry Kigabah Estate

Peaberry Kigabah Estate photo

Citrus, chocolate, nuts & spice

All coffee and tea are sold in 250g bags
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  • Roast:Medium
  • Region:Banz
  • Variety:Typica, Arucia


The Kigabah Estate is located in Banz in the Western Highlands Province. Grown at 1520 metres above sea level, the farm was originally started by Australian farmers in the 1960s. The coffee plants are grown in rich volcanic soil and the fruits are allowed to mature slowly which produces a denser bean that is packed full of flavour. Suitable for all methods of brewing, there is a wonderful aroma of roasted hazelnuts and spices. The flavour starts off with citrus, lemon and lime being most prominent but then progresses to chocolate caramel. A full round body, perfectly balanced with a bright acidity and a sweet finish makes this an ideal coffee to wake you taste buds up first thing in the morning!

Winner of 2 Great Taste Awards in 2019, A 1 Star in the Cafetiere/Filter Category and a 2 Star in the Espresso Category.