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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelelektu Washing Station

Sweet and floral with hints of mango and passionfruit

All coffee and tea are sold in 250g bags
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  • Roast:Medium
  • Region:Gedeo
  • Variety:Heirloom


An unusual offering from the renowned Chelelektu washing station. The majority of Yirgacheffe coffees are processed using the ‘fully washed’ method, whereas this particular example is processed using the ‘natural’ method meaning that the coffee cherries are left to dry in the sun with their hulls intact. This means that the coffee beans inside take on more flavour and some of the natural sugars from the cherry itself as it dries in the sun as opposed to the washed method where the beans are removed from their cherries straight after picking. Natural processed coffees tend to be sweeter and fruitier than their washed cousins and are much prized by those who enjoy pour over and filter methods of brewing. This example is no different with subtle tropical fruit tones complimented by a sweet and floral finish.